Jean Monnet Papers on Political Economy

1. Orestis Vathis – Aid Effectiveness: A Literature Review
2. Tonka Kostadinova – Aid for the reconstruction of cultural heritage on Southeast Europe: A peace-building model?
3. George Pagulatos and Panayiota Kastritis – Theorizing and assessing Civil Society: A review of approaches
4. Sotiris Petropoulos – Evaluation of the European Structural Funds. A historical perspective
5. Anna Brusarosco – The role of Italian NGOs in Rural Reconstruction in Bosnia
6. Adamadia Kehagia – The Impact of the EU’s Structural and Cohesion Funds: A literature review
7. Konstantinos D. Magliveras – The Transnational Regulation of NGOs: Revisiting the Council of Europe Convention on Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Non-Governmental Organisations
8. Chiara Milan – Neither Bilateral nor Multilateral: The community approach to local development
9. Dimitris Bourantonis – The External Performance of Non – Governmental Organizations: A conceptual and analytical framework
10. Asteris Huliaras – The Dynamics of Civil Society in Greece: Creating civic engagement from the top
11. Alice N. Sindzingre – From an eroding model to questioned trade relationships: The European Union and Sub-Saharan Africa
12. Willy Kokolo – The Role of the EU in the African Peace and Security Architecture
13. Ian Taylor – Bait and Switch: The European Union’s Incoherency Towards Africa

All working papers are uploaded on the University of Peloponnese web site, on the following link: