Conference presentations

The chair-holder participated in the following conferences:

1. “Introduction: EMU and the EURO”. Paper presented at 2013 Jean Monnet Conference “The Political implications of European integration-towards a political union”, European Commission, Brussels 14-15 November 2013.
2. “The Fiscal Adjustment Program of Greece: Success or Failure?” Paper presented at “The Eurozone Crisis, Greece, and the Experience of Austerity” Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, Athens, November 8-9, 2013.
3. “International Development Assistance and Economic Development: the case of four Southeast European Countries” paper presented at the “22 Years of International Development Assistance to Southeast Europe (1991-2013): Lessons for Donors and Recipients International Workshop”, University of Peloponnese and Europe and the Balkans International Network, Kastri, Athens, 22- 23 November 2013. I was organizer of this conference.
4. “Greek Fiscal Crisis and Recapitalisation and Restructuring of Banking Sector” paper presented at Rimini Center for Economics and Finance 2014: “The Next Convergence”, Rimini on June 9th – 10th 2014.
5. “The impact of EU Structural Funds on Growth: the case of Greece 2000-2006” Beyond “Absorption”: paper presented at “The Impact of EU Structural Funds on Greece (1981-2013)”, University of Peloponnese, Greek Politics Specialist Group, Konrand Adenauer Stiftung and ECSA Greece, Athens, 19 fit 20 September 2014. I was organizer of this conference.
6. “New Fiscal Institutions- The Greek Parliamentary Budget Office” Paper presented at the Sixth Annual Meeting of OECD PARLIAMENTARY BUDGET OFFICIALS AND INDEPENDENT FISCAL